MAMBA is based on an outstanding idea.

Using MAMBA the joint area is represented by a special set of contact modes (Joint Interface Modes – JIM). By means of relatively few additional degrees of freedom, it is possible to achieve a result accuracy comparable to direct finite element analyses, without losing the efficiency of the modal approach or being limited to very short time ranges. The use of MAMBA can be divided into two steps.
The first step is the fully automated analysis of the necessary joint modes, and the second one is the contact analysis within the multibody simulation (MBS).

Jointed structure

1. Automatic joint mode analysis

  • FEM model without special modeling rules in the joints (mesh-independent)
  • MAMBA detects the joints in the FEM model
  • Analysis of joint modes using a FE-Code

2. Contact analysis within the multi-body simulation

  • Integration of flexible bodies in the MBS model data base
  • Each joint is available as an abstract modeling element with physically relevant parameters (e.g. coefficient of friction, initial gap width, etc.)
  • Joint properties can be modified without computing a new mode base
  • MAMBA considers the non-linear contact physically correct and highly efficient during MBS