Depending on the design and strains of a joint the undesirable phenomenon of fretting corrosion may occur. Provided below is an example of a highly dynamically stressed joint connection in a typical crank drive, an important part of vehicle powertrains.

In test lab fretting corrosion has been observed for the joint area between crankshaft and the associated torsional vibration damper (TVD). The wear pattern of the crankshaft is shown in the picture below. The operating conditions leading to fretting corrosion and the reasons favoring this phenomenon should be investigated using numerical methods.

Image of the joint area from lab

Challenges for the MBS simulation are:

  • Consideration of contact at the flange area is necessary.
  • Simulation of the full crank drive with its high nonlinear behavior required.
  • Full engine run up simulation necessary.
  • Crankshaft and TVD cannot be assumed rigid.
  • Simulation run should be finished within acceptable time.

Due to the reasons stated above, there is no reasonable economical alternative besides MAMBA.