MAMBA is designed to be implemented into existing process chains easily.

The ECS software MAMBA automatically detects and prepares joints inside a Finite Element Model in order to consider the local nonlinear contact phenomenon in a subsequent MBS simulation. At present MSC Nastran is the supported FEM code and MSC Adams is the supported MBS software respectively (refer to Interfaces for further details).

  1. FEM model of the jointed structure (no particular requirements)

  2. MAMBA detects the joint areas inside the FEM model and computes special trial vectors which are included in the flexible structures mode base for the MBS model.

  3. MBS simulation with a dynamically linked MAMBA library. The nonlinear contact is an abstract modeling element.

  4. Postprocessing, e.g. like fatigue life prediction or NVH analysis

In almost all cases only the script invoking the preparation of the flexible structure for the MBS model has to be extended for inclusion of MAMBA into the analysis process chain.