Declaration of Consent, Data Protection at Events

The protection of your personal data is of special importance to us. Consequently, we process your data exclusively on the basis of the relevant legal provisions, such as the GDPR as well as applicable national data protection regulations, including in particular the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG) and the Austrian Telecommunications Act (TKG). In this data privacy statement, we provide you with information on the most important aspects of the data processing which takes place in the context of our events.

Image and audio material

We wish to inform you that photos will be taken and videos made at this event. 

By participating in the event, you consent to the production of image and audio material by the employees of Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & CoKG as well as by their contractual partners: SPS Marketing GmbH (Jaxstrasse 2-4; 4020 Linz), H. Weinrauch GmbH (Sportplatzweg 1, 8403 Lebring), KOOP Live Marketing GmbH (St. Peter Hauptstrasse 208, 8042 Graz).

The image and audio material produced will be used for the purpose of representing and presenting our company on the Internet on our websites,,,,,,,, and will also be published on Facebook (Magna fan page), Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and on our local - and Magna Powertrain – Intranet (, Furthermore, the images will also be used for advertisements in various different print media, such as especially newspapers and magazines, flyers (products, HR, events), brochures, folders for training events, posters, banners and roll-ups as well as for event invitations. The image and audio material produced will be made available for all participants for download on our web pages in the course of the event.

To carry out the publications described above, the data processing also includes transfer of the image and audio material produced to Magna International Inc. and Magna Powertrain Inc. In the event that data transfers take place in this context to third countries – countries outside of the European Economic Area – in which it is possible that the data protection level is inadequate, we obtain corresponding guarantees that the relevant, applicable data protection regulations are complied with.

Publication on the Internet

We wish to inform you that information on the Internet is accessible worldwide and can be found with search engines and can be linked with other information which could conceivably allow the creation of personality profiles. Once information has been placed on the Internet, it can easily be copied and further processed. There are specialized archiving services with the objective of permanently documenting the state of certain websites at certain times. This can have the effect that information that has been published on the Internet once can still be found even after it has been erased from the original site. 

According to the information that is currently available, data on the platforms of social media providers cannot be erased, but is archived and therefore is merely no longer shown publicly. The information available on the internal use of data by the providers of such platforms – for example for the creation of personality profiles – is currently inadequate.


I hereby consent that for the purpose defined above the promotional material defined above on which I can be seen may be used on the Internet websites listed above as well as in physical print media and to the fact that the publication on the Internet does not contain any express virtual ban for search engines.

Inasmuch as indications concerning my ethnic background, religion or health (such as skin color, head covering, glasses, union button, political T-shirt, etc.) result from the image material concerning me, my consent also applies to this information. 

For children under 16 years of age, you must ensure that the legal guardian consents.

In the event that you do not consent to data processing for the purpose of using the audio and image material concerning you, we have prepared corresponding measures for you. We would request that you contact our personnel in this matter at the time of registration.

Your rights

This consent is granted for an indefinite period of time. Your consent does not give rise to any rights such as remuneration. Your consent is voluntary. If you do not consent, there will be no disadvantages for you.

This consent can be withdrawn at any time in text form effective for the future. You can reach us at our business address of Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & CoKG, Steyrer Strasse 32, 4300 Sankt Valentin, Austria as well as via email at office.valentin.mpt(at)

Promotional material in which you can be recognized and which substantially shows only you will then be removed from all of the digital media listed above and will no longer be used for new print media. If you are shown on a photo or in a video together with other people, the image does not have to be removed, but it is instead sufficient for you to be obscured in the image for any reuse of the material.